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This is a mini-project for Quebec Quilt Registry that pulls together quilts that simply include public notes. Some of these notes contain only technical or construction details, while others may add meaningful context to quilts in this collection, hinting at stories behind the quilts, makers, family, relationships, locations and time periods. Return to browse the database.

Registry Number: 5679
Pattern: Chevrons
Maker: Ginette (Terrebonne QC)
Year Made: 2021

Registry Number: 5639
Pattern: Double windmill Variation with pieced sails (pieced patches) to create an octagon
Maker: Louis Cousineau family member
Year Made: 2020
Flower Sacks from possibly Louis's son Hervey Flour Mill. Possibly same maker as 5640 and 5641.

Registry Number: 5640
Pattern: Pinwheels
Maker: Louis Cousineau family member
Year Made: 2020
Flour sacks possibly from Louis's son Hervey Flour Mill. Possibly same maker as 5639. 1 of 2 exactly the same pattern and fabrics (smaller) same maker as 5641.

Registry Number: 5104
Pattern: Crazy Patch
Maker: Unknown
Year Made: 2020
Made by Janet Fraser's grandmother - personal details unknown

Registry Number: 5641
Pattern: Pinwheels
Maker: Louis Cousineau family member
Year Made: 2020
Flour sacks possibly from Louis's son Hervey Flour Mill. Possibly same maker as 5641. 2 of 2 exactly the same pattern and fabrics (larger).

Registry Number: 5696
Pattern: Cabane de bois rond
Maker: Inconnu (Inconnu)
Year Made:
La propriétaire a reçu cette courtepointe de sa mère qui est née en 1914. Elle fut élevée par sa "grand-mère". Elle ignore si elle l'a reçu de sa grandmère, i.e. entre 1914 et 1950. Alle a vécu à la compagne et par la suite dans un village de Massueville St-Aimé jusqu'en 1950 (entre Sorel & St. Hyacinthe). Nom de la mère Dolorès Dupré de Massueville. Nom da la grand-mère Mme Célina Laplante (nom de son épaux)

Registry Number: 5729
Pattern: Hexagones - Jardin de Grand-mère
Maker: Danielle (Laval QC)
Year Made: 2018

Registry Number: 5658
Pattern: Jacob's Ladder
Maker: Unknown
Year Made:
Vintage top with new borders, backing and quilting, made in thanks for support from W.I. (West Island) Cancer Wellness Centre. February 2022. Pointe-Claire, QC. Top believed to be from Trois-Rivières, 50's, completed in Pointe-Claire QC 2022

Registry Number: 5510
Pattern: Variation of Bridal wreath
Maker: Unknown
Year Made: 2020
It is possible that this quilt was acquired (won in a raffle?) by Ruth Tolhurst in Florida some time ago. It was displayed on the bannister and has acquired some light "stains". (1990's???)

Registry Number: 5667
Pattern: Carrés multicolores
Maker: Andréa (Salaberry de Valleyfield QC)
Year Made: 2022

Registry Number: 5673
Pattern: Summer Solstice
Maker: Lise (L'Île-Bizard QC)
Year Made: 2020

Registry Number: 5092
Pattern: Log cabin
Maker: Charlotte (Athelstan QC)
Year Made: 1925
This log cabin quilt was made for Wesley Jamieson for a gift upon his birth November 1, 1925. It has never been used and has been stored in 3 different cedar trunks up until today. Wesley willed this quilt to his grand daughter Sarah Elizabeth Grant (born Aug. 14, 1975). Wesley passed Oct. 2, 2007.

Registry Number: 5102
Pattern: 4 x variation
Maker: Hermine (Montréal QC)
Year Made: 1945
"Utilisée jusqu'à épuisement dans le lit de mon petit frère." Joanne Ratelle

Registry Number: 5065
Pattern: One patch
Maker: Elizabeth Helen (Elgin QC)
Year Made: 1945
Married at 20 years of age in 1946.

Registry Number: 5519
Pattern: Checkerboard
Maker: Minnie Ida (Jerusalem, Queens County NB)
Year Made: 1950
Minnie Vallis made a quilt for each of her grandchildren. She had 18 grandchildren.

Registry Number: 1201
Pattern: Grandmother's Garden
Maker: Jetta Augusta Mitton Beaman-Stewart (Abercorn QC)
Year Made: 1953
Used leftover material from aprons, dresses, et cetera. See attached paperwork for more information.

Registry Number: 1202
Pattern: Grandmother's Garden
Maker: Jetta Augusta Mitton Beaman-Stewart (Abercorn QC)
Year Made: 1953
Used leftover material from aprons, dresses, et cetera. See attached paperwork for more information. See #1201

Registry Number: 5111
Pattern: Ohio star - sawtooth
Maker: Alice Elizabeth (Saint John NB)
Year Made: 1954
Doll's quilt (carriage blanket).

Registry Number: 5107
Pattern: 9 patch
Maker: Alice Elizabeth (Saint John NB)
Year Made: 1958
Alice Hazen made a quilt for each of her 15 grandchildren, 8 of the grandchildren were born in Quebec Canada of her eldest daughter Bernice Alice Hazen Camacho. Alice made her last quilt in 1984 for her youngest grandson John Hazen of Saint John NB

Registry Number: 5116
Pattern: Square in a square variation
Maker: Alice Elizabeth (Saint John NB)
Year Made: 1968
Bernice (the owner) started to make the quilt herself but didn't understand how to and sent it to her mother to complete.

Registry Number: 5605
Pattern: Variante Virevent
Maker: Ange-Marie (Ascot Corner QC)
Year Made: 1970
Ma mère faisait de la couture à la maison pour une usine. Ma tante était la contremaître et lui donnait des restes de tissu. Du fortrel dans ce cas.

Registry Number: 4942
Pattern: Trip around the world
Maker: Susan (Cowansville QC)
Year Made: 1980
Many squares were remnants from maker's children's clothes.

Registry Number: 1179
Pattern: Unknown
Maker: Lina Bergeron
Year Made: 1980
Mrs. Bergeron is thought to live in the Lennoxville area.

Registry Number: 5631
Pattern: Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Maker: Gabrielle (Lennoxville QC)
Year Made: 1987
With matching pillow. Made for Jean-Philip Fortier.

Registry Number: 5095
Pattern: Equilateral triangles
Maker: Adaire (Saint Lambert QC)
Year Made: 1988
"The Common Cold Adaire Chown Schlatter, St. Lambert, Québec The desing comes from the Scientific Journal T.I.B.S. (see signatures of the original researchers on back). The colours and fabric reflect this particular common disease. It is an interesting use of the equilateral triangle. Machine pieced and hand quilted. It was exhibited at St. Catharines Canadian Contemporary Quilt Exhibition 1988.

Registry Number: 5634
Pattern: Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Maker: Gabrielle (Lennoxville QC)
Year Made: 1995
Made for her grand-daughter when she got her own room (2 made for trundle bed).

Registry Number: 5633
Pattern: Rob Peter to Pay Paul
Maker: Gabrielle (Lennoxville QC)
Year Made: 1995
Made for her grand-daughter when she got her own room (2 made for trundle bed).

Registry Number: 5602
Pattern: Voyage autour du monde
Maker: Thérèse (Winchedon MA, USA)
Year Made: 1995
Tante Thérèse est née au Québec. A déménage aux USA avec son mari et 6 jeunes enfants dans les années 1950. Elle avait un talent pour l'artisanat.

Registry Number: 1182
Pattern: 1,000 Pyramids
Maker: Ruth Johnson (Chambly Quebec)
Year Made: 1997
Made by Ruth Johnson. 1333 Breux Street, Chambly Quebec: J3L 2Y2. Machine pieced 1997-1998. Hand quilted in 1999 by Evelyne Carpenter. Joined Chambly Quilters in 1996. Instructors: Jo Schneider, Edith Gibbons. This is not my first attempt at a quilt but it is my first one completed. Most of the piecing was done in Florida while on vacation.

Registry Number: 1180
Pattern: Botanical Wreaths
Maker: Ruth Winnifred Whittingham Gillies (Lennoxville Quebec)
Year Made: 1997
Botanical wreaths by Laura Munson Rienstatbr (handwriting unclear). Stitched and quilted by hand with variation. By Ruth Gillies (Whittingham). Lennoxville Quilters Workshop. Size 78" by 96" - started in September 1997 and finished in September 1999. Free hand scroll work by Cathy Gillies.

Registry Number: 5632
Pattern: Wholecloth
Maker: Joanne Pauline (Pointe-Claire QC)
Year Made: 2000
Bought pre-printed wholecloth top in P.E.I., Pineapple theme with pineapples. A friend did the binding.

Registry Number: 5458
Pattern: Coquilles
Maker: Louise (Montréal QC)
Year Made: 2003
Défi 2003 de la Guilde Les Courtepointières de l'Est. Blocs imprimés de V.I.P. Concord. Arrangement de L. Fortin

Registry Number: 5013
Pattern: Variation Rose of Charon
Maker: Angela
Year Made: 2005
My daughter and I fell immediately in love with Rosemary Makhan's Rose sampler Supreme in shades of blue, mauve and green on white background. We chose the colours together. The placing of the squares, etc. Won Viewer's Choice - Guild Exhibit Oct. 2005.

Registry Number: 5014
Pattern: Wall Hanging - original design
Maker: Angela
Year Made: 2006
"Not Long Ago" is an adaptation of an original art work "La Naguère" by Pauline Paquin - with artist's permission. A challenge between Laurentian Quilters' Guild and Bezier Quilt Guild in France. Exhibited in Canada and France. 2nd Prize Guild Show 2008

Registry Number: 5029
Pattern: Birds in Attic Window
Maker: Brenda Ruth (England|Florida|Wentworth-Nord)
Year Made: 2007
This quilt was started on a trip to England to accompany Monica to School in Liverpool. Worked on in Florida at the beach and at home in Montfort. Finally finished 2007. "Birds" Bea Oglesby design. Hand Quilted by B. Wadey 2007. Won Viewers' Choice 2007 at Laurentian Quilters' Show.

Registry Number: 5528
Pattern: Magic tiles
Maker: Carrie Elizabeth (Ormstown and Hinchinbrooke QC)
Year Made: 2008
Began as a 4-H project in 2008 with the help of Sharon Rember in Ormstown QC. It was set aside for a few years until I picked it back up from time to time at home and completed in March 2017.

Registry Number: 5012
Pattern: Original Design
Maker: Angela
Year Made: 2009
Original Design, Olympic athletes and young amateurs (including my 2 grandchildren) gathered around the Olympic Rings in a shared dream. Pictures of athletes were used as patterns. I used "Heat & Bond" secured by blanket stitch. Figures and rings are hand quilted. Silver diagonals are machine quilted.

Registry Number: 5622
Pattern: Flying Geese
Maker: Mary (Greenfield Park QC)
Year Made: 2012
This quilt is a bed runner.

Registry Number: 4923
Pattern: See notes
Maker: Margaret Elizabeth (Cowansville QC)
Year Made: 2013
This is a design partly mine and some pattern instructions. I have always been attracted by water and stories of the sea.

Registry Number: 5264
Pattern: Unknown
Maker: Claude (Trois-Rivières QC)
Year Made: 2014
Réalisé pour le Cercle, avec des tissus fournies par les membres, tel différent (comme les membres) unies par leurs couleurs (intérêts). Le piquage en cercle qui rayonne ainsi que notre cercle.

Registry Number: 5576
Pattern: Échantillon
Maker: Diane (Laval)
Year Made: 2014
Projet réalisé avec majoritairement des rétails de couleur jaune et blues. Assemblé selon la technique reversible.

Registry Number: 5576
Pattern: Échantillon
Maker: Diane (Laval)
Year Made: 2014
Projet réalisé avec majoritairement des rétails de couleur jaune et blues. Assemblé selon la technique reversible.

Registry Number: 4790
Pattern: Houses on Display
Maker: Hazel Georgia (Bury QC)
Year Made: 2015
"This quilt was inspired by an old piecemakers calendar. I liked the layout but not the blocks. After doing a few I started taking pictures and making my own patterns. This was a lot of fun." Hazel Kerr

Registry Number: 5045
Pattern: Celtic Knots
Maker: Kelly Ann (St-Antoine- Abbé QC)
Year Made: 2015
Bought the printed top at a medieval reenactment in Pennsylvania back in the 90's. It sat in a box for many years unused; decided to try hand quilting

Registry Number: 5098
Pattern: Bloc signature
Maker: Andréa (Ormstown QC)
Year Made: 2016
"J'ai fait cette courtepointe "Bloc de signatures" pour ma petite fille Emilie qui faisait partie d'un orchestre au secondaire. À son retour de concerts données en France, elle a fait signer les musiciens de son orchestre. Commencé en 2008 et terminée en 2016. Piquée en 2016 par Louise Picard.

Registry Number: 5447
Pattern: Courtepointe enfant
Maker: Elyse (St-Hubert Longueuil QC)
Year Made: 2016
Courtepointe faite pour mes petits enfants.

Registry Number: 5121
Pattern: Carpenter's Star
Maker: Louise (Havelock QC)
Year Made: 2016
Mystery Quilt - South Shore Retreat at Manoir d'Youville

Registry Number: 5606
Pattern: Stepping Stones
Maker: Andrée (Montréal QC)
Year Made: 2016
Patron: Stepping Stones" Confectionnée avec 17 couleurs de batik pour les blocs, avec arrière-plan en percale. Piquée sur Husqvarna "Platinum 17".

Registry Number: 5043
Pattern: Lone Star
Maker: Sylvia Joan (Franklin Centre QC)
Year Made: 2016
Quilt was entered at Vermont Quilt Festival 2017.

Registry Number: 5607
Pattern: Bertie's Year
Maker: Andrée (Montréal QC)
Year Made: 2016
Appliqués de laine sur Fond de Flannelle, posés à la main. Blocs piécés à la machine. Piquée sur machine domestique.

Registry Number: 4922
Pattern: Mixed blocks (see Notes)
Maker: Norma P. (Brigham QC)
Year Made: 2016
The young people chose their patterns for the quilt: Ohio Star, Sunlight & Shadows, Ribbon Star, Rising Star, Flower Basket, Cactus Basket, Bouquet Balcan Puzzle.

Registry Number: 5000
Pattern: Alice au Pays des Merveilles
Maker: Céline (Laval)
Year Made: 2016
Cette pièce est le résultat d'une collaboration avec une designer d'Australie. J'ai testé les 54 patrons pour leur exactitude pour Michelle Thompson, la créatrice des blocs d'Alice au Pays des Merveilles. Les blocs représentent les curieux personnages du film. Piéçage sur paper et broderie. La curtepointe a gagné 3ième place dans le catégorie "Lit, piquée à la machine à la Guilde locale (Calico Laval), mai 2016

Registry Number: 5011
Pattern: Original - Medallion Sheila Wintle
Maker: Angela (Québec)
Year Made: 2016
This quilt is a result of many years of collecting fat quarters in my favourite fall colours. The medallion was made at a Sheila Wintle workshop and is surrounded by 2 "Trip Around the World's" split. The medallion flowers are featured in the corners and repeated on the vine of the border. The quilt is finished in a gently scalloped edge. Original Design. 2nd prize at the 2016 Quilt Show of the Guild.

Registry Number: 5600
Pattern: Échantillon
Maker: Ginette (Entre Terrebonne et Québec QC)
Year Made: 2016
Je finissais de poser le biais en route vers Québec en avril 2016 en plein retour des oies blanches.

Registry Number: 5265
Pattern: Echantillons
Maker: Claude (Trois-Rivières QC)
Year Made: 2017
L'idée de base était de faire un projet noir et blanc auquel s'est ajouté le rouge. 2½ ans pour réunir les tissus. Exploration de divers blocs traditionnel joint au gré de l'inspiration. Pique à la main inspiré par le forme des différents motifs. Pour moi-même.

Registry Number: 5105
Pattern: Half square triangles
Maker: Mary (Greenfield Park QC)
Year Made: 2017
Quilt will be donated to the Quilts of Valour project.

Registry Number: 5451
Pattern: Petite Ecole et Étoille
Maker: Danielle (Montréal QC)
Year Made: 2017
"420" le cout des "Blocks of the Month"

Registry Number: 5069
Pattern: Mystery in Leaves
Maker: Doris Jean (Ormstown QC)
Year Made: 2017
Schoolhouse in the Blues. This quilt was made at a retreat at Walshaven led by Kay Bergquist from Vermont, U.S.A.

Registry Number: 5610
Pattern: Droit au But Avec le 6
Maker: Michèle (Otterburn Park QC)
Year Made: 2018
"Ma première courtepointe."

Registry Number: 5621
Pattern: Courtepointe mystère
Maker: Catherine (Boucherville QC)
Year Made: 2018
Courtepointe mystère conçue par Monique Beaucage pour Courtepointe Québec.

Registry Number: 5590
Pattern: Chevrons
Maker: Johanne (Laval QC)
Year Made: 2018
Cours donné par Lynne McFern

Registry Number: 5523
Pattern: Unknown
Maker: Lyne M-Frances (Huntingdon QC)
Year Made: 2018
Made to give to my grand-daughter Sumaya Leduc Belfih on Dec. 2019. Made a "bee" quilt.

Registry Number: 5536
Pattern: "Dreamspinner" de Tamarinis by: Tammy Silvers
Maker: Martine (Gatineau QC)
Year Made: 2018
D'aprés le patron "Dreamspinner" de Tamarinis by: Tammy Silvers. Pout lit double, j'en ai fais un lit Queen. Les tissus sont de Northcotte, la collection "Dreamscapes".

Registry Number: 5596
Pattern: Demi triangle carré
Maker: Giséle (Laval QC)
Year Made: 2018
Courtepointe conçue à la machine et piquée à la main pour ma petite fille pour noël 2018. Grandeur 83 x 95.

Registry Number: 5571
Pattern: Original
Maker: Michel (Gatineau)
Year Made: 2018
Inspiré d'une sculpture sur meuble ancien, modifié pour la courtepointe

Registry Number: 5580
Pattern: Rose of Sharon
Maker: Fermières Vimont (Vimont QC)
Year Made: 2018
12 personnes Fermières on travailler sur cette courtepointe (2018-2019). Leurs initiales se retrouve sur l'étiquette qui est au verso de la courtepointe.Un tirage aura lieu le dimanche 3 novembre 2019. Ceci au profit des Fermières de Vimont.

Registry Number: 5452
Pattern: Création originale
Maker: Helen (Laval QC)
Year Made: 2019
J'ai crée cette courtepointe avec différentes techniques qui me sont chères. Réalisé à la main à l'exception du montage. Ajout de pierres cristaux rocailles, etc. Appliqué, broderie sont des techniques que j'adore.

Registry Number: 5496
Pattern: Flowers in my Garden by Cindy Carter
Maker: Barbara (St. Antoine Abbé QC)
Year Made: 2019
Mystery Quilt - see also 5490.

Registry Number: 5579
Pattern: Club des Bordures
Maker: Bertrand (Laval QC)
Year Made: 2019
à la main/les hexagones ont aussi été assemblés pendant l'attente de chargement dans un camion.

Registry Number: 5512
Pattern: Panda
Maker: Ellen C (Hinchinbrooke QC)
Year Made: 2019
Won 2nd place at Expo Ormstown 2019. Won 2nd place at Huntingdon Fair 2019.

Registry Number: 5591
Pattern: Unknown
Maker: Johanne (Laval QC)
Year Made: 2019
Cette courepointe m'a été demandé pour la fille de ma cousine Chantal - en teintes de gris et blanc.

Registry Number: 5595
Pattern: Unknown
Maker: Gisèle (Laval)
Year Made: 2019
Courtepointe conçue à la machine et piqué à la main. Grandeur 82 x 96

Registry Number: 5573
Pattern: "What a Hoot" modifié
Maker: Renée (St-Esprit QC)
Year Made: 2019
Tissus répros années 30 et petite insertion de tissus années 50 venant de l'inventaire de tissus de l’arrière-arrière grand-mère Grand-Maman Raymonde Audet Gagne.

Registry Number: 5711
Pattern: Good Fortune
Maker: Membres de Courtepointe Québec
Year Made: 2021

Registry Number: 5079
Pattern: Crazy Patch
Maker: Jessie Pearl
Year Made:
Initials HH might be for Henrietta Henderson - the Great grandmother to Jessie Pears Henderson Beattie.

Registry Number: 5106
Pattern: Nine patch
Maker: Unknown (Unknown)
Year Made:
It is possible it was purchased at a Church sale in Montreal East around 1970-1980.

Registry Number: 5114
Pattern: 16 patch and whole squares
Maker: Unknown (Unknown)
Year Made:
Purchased at Randall Finnegan Auction at Rennie's Farm August 26, 2017 (Chateauguay Valley Antique Association) 1743 1st Concession Hinchinbrooke (Rockburn) QC.

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